Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Shortest Entry...=.="


So, as you can see at the title, this entry will be my shortest entry since I create this blog..

I'm gonna be a busiest princess in the world you know! ehh, princess? can hah? hehehe..
kidding..busiest person in the world..yes, thats it !

haaa..this is what I mean just now! kuang kuang kuang...

6 Assignments and 7 Mid Sem Test are waiting..some of it have done already..

all this must be finished by end of this month..

by the way, i'm gonna have 2weeks mid sem break..

sounds good right, but i need to study for another paper and do the assignment first!

I wish i can make it easily WITHOUT Mr. Stress ! Please ok...wish me~

******Best Student Mood In Holiday******

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